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Please read these terms and conditions of use carefully. By accessing or using this website, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions described herein unless you have a previously signed contract, licence or agreement. If you do not agree to all of these terms, please do not use this website. Please ensure that you are satisfied with these terms and conditions before downloading any image(s). My terms and conditions are flexible and I am always happy to amend them to suit your requirements. Please get in touch if you need an amended licence, terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply to any and each use of any and each image supplied to you as a result of accessing this site.

1. Copyright and Ownership
Copyright ownership to each and all images supplied belongs to Alexander Caminada. You must make every effort to retain the copyright ownership information with any and all image(s) and downloaded image(s). You may not wilfully remove and/or change any metadata embedded in the image. Where practical, copyright must be clearly acknowledged and should be in one of the following formats: “Copyright Alexander Caminada” or “© Alexander Caminada” and where practical, the following digital link should be published alongside the image(s):

2. Licence
You are licensed to use the image(s) as described by the “Licence” supplied on either the estimate, the invoice or the download page supplied to you in relation to the images.

3. Commissioning Client
As the Commissioning Client you may publish the image(s) within the bounds of the description of the commission relating to this estimate. In the absence of a description of the commission, the image(s) may only be used for the promotion and marketing of the Commissioning Client. Any usage by any sub-parties or businesses must be for the purpose of promotion and marketing of the Commissioning Client. Any sub-parties or businesses must reference the Commissioning Client with each and every use of the image(s). You may not use the image(s) out of context and unrelated to the Commissioning Client. Every care must be taken by you to prevent distribution, publication, storage and transmission to any unlicensed, unauthorised parties or sub-parties.

4. Payment
Settlement of any outstanding invoices must be within 30 days. Late payment(s) may be subject to interest charges and the licence may be revoked.

5. Distribution
Alexander Caminada retains the right to distribute, publish and resell by any means all and any of the images after the licence has ended.
I agree to the above terms and conditions.
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