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Ownership of the images

All images on this site are owned by Alexander Caminada Photography. Copyright to all images on this site belong to Alexander Caminada Photography. You must not infringe or abuse copyright as this will result in court action being taken. Infringement means any unauthorised copying, duplicating, storage, distribution, transmission, printing, email attachments etc. Please contact Alexander Caminada Photography if you are unsure about copyright and the use of images on this site. As a customer you purchase a license to use an image in a particular way and does not give you ownership or copyright to the image. Alexander Caminada Photography retains the right to distribute, publish and resell by any means all images available and downloaded from this site.

How you may and/or may not use the content and images on this website

Use of images on this site are restricted to a.) the purpose for which they have been commissioned from Alexander Caminada Photography b.) the licence and/or usage agreement and/or contract made between Alexander Caminada Photography and you. c.) the license purchased from Alexander Caminada Photography. If you wish to use images on this site but you do not have a user agreement or license or contract with Alexander Caminada Photography or have not directly commissioned Alexander Caminada Photography or you are unsure about your user agreement, license, contract or agreed purpose when you commissioned the images, then you must contact Alexander Caminada Photography and obtain clarification.

In absence of any previous user agreement, contract or licence, all images downloaded from this site are restricted to use in all media (print and digital), world-wide (no geographical restrictions) for 4 years from the date of transfer/download.

You must make every effort to retain the copyright ownership information with the downloaded image(s). You may not wilfully remove and/or change any metadata embedded in the image. Where practical, copyright must be clearly acknowledged and should be in one of the following formats: “Copyright Alexander Caminada” or “© Alexander Caminada” and the following digital link should be published alongside the image(s):
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